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German Made Ronisch Baby Grand Piano in BLACKBURN, Victoria for sale

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German Made Ronisch Baby Grand Piano. Superb condition, tuned to A440/Concert pitch. Reduced the price from $12,500 to $9850.
Suit piano buyer wanting new German piano quality for a fraction of the new price.
Rönisch has a long history as one of the very best German piano makers in the world behind only Bechstein and the famous Steinway brands. Valued by famous artists including Hans von Bülow, Richard Strauss, Edvard Grieg, Giacomo Puccini, Anton Rubinstein, and the great Sergej Rachmaninoff.
The RÖNISCH soundboard design has been developed over 160 years, employing a high yet supple crown supporting a precisely balanced and cultivated tone notable for its engaging warmth and colour combined with a clear bell-like quality and lasting sustain. The baby grand Model was created as an option for piano enthusiasts who cannot accommodate a larger grand piano due to the lack of space.
Well maintained, high gloss mahogany cabinet with barely a scratch since new.
Even, resonant tone with responsive grand piano action. Sounds very good for playing Bach, Classical or romantic period music. Voicing of the hammers follows the German tradition rather than the more harsh/bright Japanese voicing.
Immaculate keyboard and internal action parts look close to new. Very little use since new. The grand piano action gives a far finer response to touch than corresponding actions on upright pianos resulting in a much more satisfying playing experience. Even though this piano is around 29 years old, as it has been little used, it performs pretty much like new. This means that the action is extremely sensitive to touch a transmitts beautifully the finger and arm impuses the pianist draws torwards the keyboard to give remakable tonal control and musical expression when playing.
Suit musician wanting a good tone combined with a superior grand piano action without needing to take up too much space.
Current Ronisch grand (the 175K model at EPG Piano Warehouse), one size up, retails for $69,000. Suit serious musician, pianist or investor.
Any inspection welcome, including from your piano teacher or tuner.
Complete with original owners manual, protective floor casters, keyboard protector and matching stool.